Posted by: benherst | September 25, 2009

Initial Reaction to “The Pianist”

After viewing the first part of Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist,” I recalled a thought that one of my Jewish family members had mentioned to me once. Specifically, that people of Jewish faith seem to put more emphasis on education that their non-Jewish counterparts. This is by no means factual and only a theory. Nevertheless, the reason for this phenomenon traces back to the Holocaust, where millions of European Jews were stripped of all their physical belongings. Therefore, Jews today place a high value on education, as it is something that cannot ever be “taken away.”

This theory applies to “The Pianist,” as Władysław Szpilman always has his superb ability to play the piano. No matter how much the Gestapo hurts him, Władysław will eternally posses his unique musical genius.

The Pianist

The Pianist



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  3. Like the movie’s tag, “music was his passion, survival was his masterpiece”
    Nice blogs

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