Posted by: benherst | November 13, 2009

More Online Search Wars

On 11/11/09, Microsoft’s “Bing” search engine announced a pairing with Wolfram Alpha, an online computational knowledge engine.  Wolfram Alpha is much different from Google’s site-ranking concept, as Wolfram Alpha provides unique, data-based information in response to a given search term.  For example:

Querying “ISS:” generates a graphic rendition of the international space station orbiting earth and updating in realtime.

Querying “gdp france” showed amount and graph of how it changed over time. “gdp france/germany” showed graph with both amounts and the ratio.

Querying “internet users in Europe”: showed total, and a chart of usage by country in Europe, at the current time, specifically highlighting the biggest and smallest.


Therefore, I would most liken Wolfram Alpha to the “Cuil” search engine.



  1. So many search engines, so little time! Wolfram is different. You don’t go there for answers, you go there to feed your curiosity, which may seem like a distinction without a difference but expresses Wolfram’s appeal: It’s searching as entertainment: idea snacking.

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