Posted by: benherst | December 24, 2009

First Wintergreen Ski Trip of the Season

Today saw the sad ending to a massively successful ski trip up in the snowy mountains of Virginia. For two solid days, I shredded my face off on the gnar pow of Wintergreen Resort. Skiing is one of my favorite sports and I always jump at the chance to travel up to my family’s slopeside condo at Wintergreen. This particular trip was especially rad considering that Wintergreen had just received 36 inches of fresh pow.  SICK!

Slopes on Monday's milk run



  1. ski or board? I’m envious. Once upon a time I had my own place in Vermont. then I had kids. Now I don’t ski. there must be a connection.

  2. Hi Mr. Shear (I assume!),

    For now I only ski. I guess my parents pulled off the feat of having kids and managing to still ski, so it can be done!
    I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank you for teaching a great class that was, in my mind, truly enlightening. I relished the daily oppurtunity to roll out of bed and participate in your thoughtful discussions. Most importantly, I admire the fact that you have designed a class with so much potential to realize the new vision of education. Throughout my 3.5 years at Jordan, I have not met a teacher as foresighted in that area of learning.
    On a different note, I want to add that my blog has in excess of 5,200 total views. I must admit that I was surprised yet again by the power of the WWW.

    Thank you for the gift of knowledge and I wish you the best of luck with your future classes,
    Ben Herst

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