Posted by: benherst | January 5, 2010

Profile: Blake Mycoskie – Part 1/4

Over the next four posts, I will be profiling one of my idols, Blake Mycoskie. To learn more about a truly fascinating man, read up and stay tuned.

Part 1:

Blake Mycoskie lives on a sailboat anchored off the Los Angeles coast.  His company has been placed in the same category as Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and Ford Motor but you will not find it anywhere near the Fortune 500 list.  In fact, it only has 48 employees and gives away half of its inventory.  Blake is the founder of TOMS Shoes, Inc. – though his official title is “Chief Shoe Giver.”  Due to its unique business model, TOMS has been surging in the face of a dismal fiscal year for the retail sector.  The company’s name is a contraction of “Tomorrow’s shoes,” a fitting concept given the cultural mission that Blake and his company pursue.

To Be Continued…

Blake Mycoskie with children in Argentina.


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